Reasons to Love a Cruise . . . Even If You’re Not a Cruise Person

When I told people I was going on a cruise with my family for spring break, a common response went something like this “Nice, should be fun . . . but yeah, I’m not really a cruise person.” To be honest, I never considered myself to be much of a fan either. My husband and I had been on one to Bermuda, and while we had a blast (it was our honeymoon, after all!), we prefer the less structured and more culturally immersive experience of land-based vacations.

Fast forward almost two decades to early 2014, and spring break was on the horizon, as well as my mother’s 70th birthday. We wanted to spend a nice, stress-free vacation with my mom and my step-dad, and our kids, 14 and 11, had been bugging us to take them on a cruise. After being dragged over the years through cathedrals, museums, and ruins on various overseas adventures, they wanted to veg out. And frankly, so did we. So, we booked a cruise to the Caribbean.


Watching the sun rise and set from the top deck is magical.

I’m still not a cruise convert, but you know what? We had a great time, and I’m pretty sure this won’t be our last cruise. Here’s why even non-cruisers will love sailing the high seas.
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