Nevada City: Weekend Getaway in Gold Country

Nevada CityNevada City is one of those “I can’t believe I’ve lived in Northern California for almost 20 years and haven’t been here yet” places. After passing by the Nevada City/Rte. 49 exit off I-80 countless times on trips to Lake Tahoe, my husband and I finally made the turn off to check out the historic gold mining town that is fast becoming a popular spot for San Francisco Bay Area transplants. Continue reading


Weekend Hike: Rockville Hills Regional Park in Fairfield

Rockville Hills lakeI found hiking nirvana. Rockville Hills Regional Park, which is about 2-1/2 miles off  I-80 in Fairfield, CA, is the full package for nature lovers – broad grasslands draped by oak trees, and in the spring, carpeted with purple and yellow wildflowers; sweeping vistas that surprise from narrow, mangrove-crowned paths; and trails with names like “Devil’s Backbone” and Wild Turkey Run” that make this park a favorite among mountain bikers and trail runners. Continue reading