Riding the Rails to Yosemite

When I was in Germany a few years ago with my family, we went out to the Bavarian countryside to see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and do some hiking in the area. From our hotel in downtown Munich, we made the entire trip by public transportation – first on the subway, followed by a 2-1/2 hour train ride, and finally a 15-minute bus trip from the nearby town of Fussen to the front of the castle’s ticket office. For a modest sum, it was literally door-to-door service. Pretty amazing, huh? Continue reading


Yosemite Through a Foggy Lens

Yosemite is a favorite getaway for our family. We usually visit in the spring, when the temperature’s warming up nicely, and the waterfalls are still alive and well. The last couple of years we’ve gone over Memorial Day with family friends, which I’ll say up front is the absolute busiest time. If you’ve got some flexibility in your schedule, avoid this weekend, otherwise book way ahead of time (like a full year!) and use the shuttle buses, rent a bike, or walk to get around. If you’ve got a car, park it and leave it. If you move it anytime before your departure, your space will disappear faster than the park’s resident chipmunks can steal your trail mix. Continue reading