Planning a Trip is as Easy as . . . Making a Sandwich

Seems funny to say, but I think I enjoy planning a vacation as much as the vacation itself. And with so many great trips under our belts, my husband and I have developed a pretty solid planning formula. As I thought about this formula of ours, it reminded me of my kids’ favorite “fast food” spot, Subway, where each sandwich is made “assembly line” style. They start with the bread, move to the meats and cheeses, and then top it off with condiments and extras. Our travel planning follows a strikingly similar pattern. Continue reading


Is Your Dream Trip a Nightmare for the Kids?

In what seems like another lifetime, I did a lot of traveling in Europe – first as a college exchange student in France, and years later, with my husband on a three-month tour of the continent. When kids came into the picture, I vowed to keep the travel bug alive and well so they’d have an appreciation for the world outside of their hometown and the U.S. Continue reading